HISTORY-Tex-Rickard- the-South-America-Land-and-Cattle-Company
The South America Land and Cattle Company was established in Delaware in 1916, by George “Tex” Rickard.
In 1916, the world was at war and the Allied soldiers in the trenches needed food. Tex, seeing this opportunity, took 55,000 livestock from Texas to north Argentina and Paraguay to ranch in a region called the “Gran Chaco”. No one in the world had ever moved that much livestock that far.
Gauchos, Natives, Cowboys and Outlaws became legendary working on five million acres.

Our Founder

Tex Rickard was a man of many talents. He was born in 1870, buy he was a long rider, driving cattle in Texas, by the time he was ten. By twenty he had already been a law man but was pulled North to the Klondike during the Alaska gold rush. It was here that his taste for promotion, gambling and good quality food turned his passion into viable businesses.
He became a casino owner in Nevada long before Las Vegas saw its first slot machine. He gave the world the first million dollar gate in the golden age of heavyweight boxing. By 1910, every household knew Tex Rickard after he promoted the “Fight of the Century.” The greatest fight between Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries.
By 1912 his curiosity took him south. He left for Argentina and Paraguay with the idea of growing the best ranged beef in an area becoming famous for great quality pastured beef. This great land and cattle boom and the construction of a Trans Andean railroad attracted financiers from all over the world, including Tex and his investors from London.
By 1916, the South America Land & Cattle Company  had over 55,000 cows free ranging the Gran Chaco of Argentina and Paraguay.
Tex returned to the United States to promote his investments and help stage the first “million dollar gate” of boxing. He was the promoter for Jack Dempsey, the “Manassa Mauler,” the heavy weight champion of boxing. By 1926,  had founded the New York Rangers hockey team and Madison Square Gardens making it to the most important American sports venue in the 20th century.
Tex died in Miami, in 1929, but today his legacy lives on in the company he established long ago.


We range natural grass fed cattle along the wet montane forests of Northern Argentina. We only grow natural beef using no hormones or steroids.
We have focused on producing the most adaptable breeds in Northern Argentina. Our cattle are primarily  Bonsmara and Brangus beef blood lines but we have also introduced some African varieties that are highly adaptable to the heat, insects, and dry winter seasons long the western fringes of the Gran Chaco.